Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finding Happiness

I read an article, or a General Conference talk, or a blog (I honestly can't remember which!) that talked about happiness. It surprised me because when I think of "finding happiness" that usually involves lots of soul searching and making major changes to your life.

To my very pleasant surprise it was an incredibly simple 3 words. Are you ready for it?


That's too easy, right? After reading this, and feeling slightly disappointed that it wasn't some profound piece of advice. I didn't give it another thought for quite some time. Until recently. I have so many 1/2 finished projects that I just don't have time for. It really gets to me to know that I have a blanket I need to finish crocheting. A scrapbook that desperately needs pictures, paint that needs to be touched up, and closets that were only organized on 1 or 2 shelves.

As I made my list of things I need to complete, it dawned on me that I felt truly happy when I would check those things off my list and know they aren't looming over my head anymore. Having 3 boys, 2 dogs, and a husband keeps me busy from sun up to sun down. I put in long hours keeping kids entertained, the house clean, meals cooked, laundry done, dogs groomed, fed and played with. I made the excuse for so long that I couldn't possibly finish making that blanket because I had no down time to myself. The truth is, if I am organized, I can multitask with no problem. If I can stay focused I can finish all the things I need to get done everyday with a little bit of time left to spare to do the things I really want to (or need to).

I started making a balloon wreath last week and it was a slow process that left a callous on my thumb. I really wasn't interested in finishing it. I hung it up on the hook at the top of the stairs and let it sit for a few days. Every time I opened the door, I'd see that wreath staring at me. Unfinished. 2 nights ago I made myself sit down and finish it while I watched a movie. It was nice. I didn't get to bed until almost midnight but I FINISHED IT! I can't even tell you the radiating joy I had when I held it up and inspected it to make sure there were no bare spots. For a moment, I was truly happy.

Such simple advice but I've found, upon finishing up my little projects, that it really does bring peace to the soul. There are so many things to worry about these days that we can't control. I'm doing everything I can to take care of the little things that I have control over.

I can testify to you that you will feel so much peace and feel less stressed if you complete those unfinished projects!!


  1. I like it!!! And I think your right there is some projects I need to finish too!!!

  2. Great advice. I need to finish some of our house projects. I have some projects that are oh so close but I can never seem to motivate myself to wrap them up.


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