Thursday, July 28, 2011

People in my house

I didn't blog about my 2nd Wilton Basics class because it was AWFUL! I found that all my cakes were falling. Just in the last 5-10 minutes of baking, so that was awful. On Wednesday I did the cake, and once again, it fell  through the center and wasn't usable. I googled a homemade cake recipe and found one that contained ingredients I actually had in the house. I made it...and with 5 minutes left it looked beautiful with just a slight crown! At 2 minutes left, it had sunk in the center, almost all the way to the bottom. I was livid. I was done. Who can't make a boxed cake?!

I showered, got in my jammies and laid on my bed and watched NCIS while I cried. My wonderful husband encouraged me and cut into the cake to find that it was cooked all the way through, just super dense. With less than 15 minutes to spare I headed to the class. Angry, and not feeling especially creative. The decorating that night was awful. I just wasn't in my groove that night. I refused to take a picture of the finished product.

Last night was awesome! We worked on flowers and borders. Everything went smoothly (probably because I had extra couplers :) ) The cupcakes looked so awesome. Until I got home. The container they were in tipped to it's side during transport and they were all smashed up and destroyed. Soooo no pictures of those either.

Next week is the last class and we are learning ribbon roses! Can't wait!!

We also had a little bit of an odd thing happen on Monday. Justin was off work for the Holiday and we were out running some errands. Around 1:30 we pulled onto our street to find our front door open, and a car sitting in the driveway. I quickly went inside to see what was going on and was met by a lady, an older man and 2 young kids with just shirts and diapers(who were jumping on my couch)


There aren't enough angry words in the English dictionary to describe how furious I was. The man looked surprised to see us there and asked if we knew there was a showing that day. I informed him that we did not, then I asked him to move out of my way so I could put my kids down for a nap. The lady he was with piped up and said "We called the Realtors office and they said to knock. If you didn't answer then we could just come in" Nothing in this entire world could send me over the edge quite like that comment!!!!!

I told her we were never notified that there was a showing. She seemed irritated that we had the nerve to interrupt her snooping through our house, but she left. We immediately called the Realtor who said he wasn't even in the office that day and his assistant said a realtor called wanting to see the property. The assistant said they could look if they didn't hear back from the office (who tried to call our home phone but not our cell phone) when she couldn't reach us, she tried to call the Realtor who didn't get the message and took it upon herself to come into our home. The call from the Realtors office was made at 12:20 and we got home at 1:30, so there was potentially over an hour that they were in the house. Without our knowledge. The lady that was here was the Realtor, but she never told us that. There was also only 1 vehicle so we assumed they were together. Another weird thing was the guy was whiter than white. The kids and the lady were hispanic. Hmm..

Someone is lying and I'm inclined to believe it was her. Either way, we are totally creeped out and don't feel comfortable in our home anymore.


  1. Holy cow!! That is a crazy story. I'm so sorry that happened!

  2. Hope the next class goes better. I found when I took my class that some were great and others just so so. It helped that I was going with a friend, and another friend was teaching the class, so I enjoyed going even if my stuff was crap. Also I hope you sell your house soon, but having someone just show up and go in, is kind of creepy.


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