Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A few things going on

There have been so many things going on the last few weeks that blogging has taken a back seat.

First, and most importantly is that we lost Justin’s grandmother on August 17th. She was a great woman. She accomplished many things in her life. She was an educator in every sense of the word. She celebrated her 90th birthday just 1 month before her passing, and even though her health was failing, she sat outside and visited with the family for several hours. In March she fell and fractured her hip and spent 2 months in rehab. She wasn’t able to return to her home to live alone so she moved in with my in-laws, who provided round the clock care for her for 3 months.
She passed peacefully on a Wednesday evening with her daughter-in-law by her side, while her son served in the Draper Temple. He was called home and made it shortly after she passed. She was a wonderfully sweet lady and I will miss her terribly.

The Wilton classes have been going really well. This course has focused on flowers so I haven’t taken any pictures because they are just practice flowers. I made Dade’s birthday cake (like I’ve done every year but last) and it turned out great! Certainly not perfect, but it was still a big hit and he thought it was the coolest cake ever. 

I also made my nieces cake just last weekend and everyone loved it. Of course, I saw every flaw and wasn’t too pleased with the final result, but she LOVED it so I guess that’s all that matters! Working with fondant was so different from working with buttercream. You can be so much more creative with fondant and I love that. 

I’m also making cupcakes for a special event but I’m not sure if it’s a surprise and since this person reads my blog, I’ll leave it at that until after the event.
All in all I love doing cakes. It’s a great outlet for me, and it’s also nice to have something that’s just mine. I love sharing my creations and I hope I continue to improve in my skills and creativity and this can become more than just a hobby I tap into once every few months.

We also received an offer on our home! (see? I told you it’s been busy!) we had to counter offer and the buyer accepted. Right now we’re waiting to make sure she can get financing and then we’ll be able to proceed. It’s looking like we’ll be moving the first weekend of October. I can’t wait to start this new chapter of our lives!

We are really wanting to build a new home but we aren’t sure that’s a possibility right now. We’re working with a rep from Ivory Homes to see what we can do to get us into a new home soon. For the interim, we will be renting, which isn’t exactly exciting for us but it will make us more able to save for a down payment of a new home. That’s worth the sacrifice!

After 5+ years we’re finally going back to Lake Powell!!! We decided to brave it and go with all 3 kids. We leave a week from Thursday and return that following Sunday. A fairly short trip considering the distance, and all the work that’s put into getting the boat off the buoy, making the trek to our resting location and getting settled. At this point, we’ll take anything! 

Dade is also starting his 2nd year of Preschool the week after we get home from Powell. He’s really excited to see his friends and I’m excited to have some down time. He’s only going to be there for a month but we figured it was better than nothing. He needs the structure that school provides and mom and little brothers need a break!
Well now that you’re all caught up, I promise to try to be better about updating. The next few weeks will surely be a challenge as we try to sort through 6 years of stuff, pack, find a place, and get moved.

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