Thursday, September 29, 2011


We finally sold the house! Closing is scheduled for October 25th and we can leave anytime before then. A huge weight has been lifted. The sun is shining a little brighter. The birds are singing a little bit louder.


This home has served us well. This home has been a haven from the outside world. It was the first and only home our children have ever known. We brought them home as babies, through the front door. Dade crawled the first time in the family room right by the master bedroom door. Emmett came home from the NICU, and Primary Children's Medical Center (twice) and rested in his bed in his first bedroom. Orson learned how to sit not more than 5 feet from where I sit right now. We have had amazing moments as a family in this home.

We have also endured heartache. This home is laced with so many wonderful memories but is also tainted by others. It stopped feeling like "home" a long time ago. At that point we knew it was time to go. Our time in this town has run it's course. We've been aching to be closer to our families, to be back in Salt Lake. We've come to resent this little town.

At a time in our lives when we craved the independence and responsibility of home-ownership, it was a dream come true. Right now, it feels like a boulder is crushing me and no matter what I do, I can't get away. That boulder has been lifted and we get to go and make a fresh start.

We desperately need it.

The only thing that holds me here is our ward family. Truly the best people I've ever known are all around us. They've been amazing friends and neighbors. They selflessly helped us when we had Emmett. They all pitched in and watched Dade every single evening so Justin and I could spend time together in the NICU with Emmett. They have participated in blessings upon our family. They have held us up in so many ways. They have been an incredible example. They have humbled me. They have made me a better person. They have made me more tolerant and forgiving.

I will miss every single person in our ward.

Alas, it's time to move on.

I'm surprised I managed to stay in 1 place the last 6 1/2 years. As a child I moved around a lot. I went to 13 different schools before finishing High School. I never stayed in 1 place longer than 3-4 years. Most places were just a few months. Some just a few days. Moving was so natural to me. I never got attached to anyone or anything. I made friends easily but never developed a relationship with them of much significance (except a precious few) that kept us in touch after I left. Most have long since been forgotten.

I don't want my children to have the life that I did. While I adjusted well to all the moving, I regret that I don't have friends I went to Kindergarten with, and graduated with. I don't plan on making this a routine. We will likely move 1 more time after this move and {hopefully} that will be it.

So I will be signing off until we get moved and settled. I'll see you in about a month!

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