Thursday, March 29, 2012

BRACA 1 BRACA 2 Results

I got a call from the doctor the other day with my test results. It was so weird to sit on hold and know that my life could change drastically in just a few moments. Everything could be turned upside down with a simple word.

Thankfully...that wasn't the day.

My tests came back totally normal. WHEW!

I still have to be monitored very closely but as far as a gene mutation increasing the cancer risk, there is none.

Emmett and Orson have been very sick the last week and a half. Emmett was diagnosed with pneumonia and has been on a really strong antibiotic that's working beautifully for him. Orson wasn't at full pneumonia stage but he had pockets of fluid in his lungs, so he was also put on an antibiotic and he's feeling much better (although the black outs have started occurring more frequently. 3 times yesterday). Dade has a cough but it's not anything more than just a normal cough. I really hope this is the last of the sickness until the fall. I'm ready to be healthy and outside for the next few months, enjoying the warmth with the kids.

We went for a nice long 1.5 mile walk (long when you're pushing a double stroller behind the SLOWEST. BIKE RIDER. EVER.) and then stopped at the park to play before coming home for naps. I hope it warms up a little so we can go again this morning.

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