Monday, April 2, 2012

Atlanta Bound

Exactly 4 weeks from today I will be flying high and getting the hell out of here for a much needed 5-day break! Not that it will be filled with anything glamorous. I'll be spending my days by the pool reading, shopping, napping. Who am I kidding?! That's a dream!!

I adore my kids. I truly do. But mamma needs a break! This winter we were hit with back to back colds, and then to end off the season, Emmett and Orson came down with pneumonia and I think Dade is following. Luckily the little ones are much better and just have an occasional cough or sniffle. Nothing like it was 2 weeks ago when Orson was battling a 105* fever and Emmett couldn't stop coughing and wheezing.

We've gotten out and started working on the yard. When we moved in the place was pretty trashed. The front yard has hardly any grass so we need to lay some seed soon. The weather is perfect for it, except the random 1 day a week it's freezing and snowing. It's really screwing up my plans for a garden and the grass! Sigh. My problems could be much worse I suppose.

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