Friday, October 26, 2012

It's been a while

We are still alive! I realized I haven't blogged in months and i figured I would let you know I am alive and well.

Dade has started kindergarten and is excelling, as we knew he would. Emmett just turned 3 and started preschool this week. He has a hard time when we leave, but he loves his teachers and his friends.

My little sister is getting married in a week. I cant believe it! We leave for Kentucky on Thursday the 1st and return home on the 5th. We are driving and are dreading 26 straight hours in the car, but it will be so good to be a part if her wedding. Im her matron of honor so I have my work cut out for me when I get there :)

Emmett saw dr. G a few weeks ago, and can you believe it? His ASD closed on it's own!! Seriously stoked that we saved like 20 g's and a hospital stay! We don't have to go back to cardiology for...are you ready for this? TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are still saving for a new home and living in... This place. Hopefully in 18 months ill be in a bigger place that isnt so drafty :)

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