Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New adventures

I completely forgot I had this blog. Thats mommy brain for ya.

I guess I should update for those I don't regularly communicate with.

We moved from our little duplex into a great house, a little north of where we were. We were content to be here forever, but six days into our calmer, CLEANER, life everything changed.

Gus was offered a job out of state that was too good to pass up. He wasn't looking for work and has been employed with the same company for close to 13 years. Like I said, the offer was too good to pass up. We took it.

We have re packed everything in the house. The truck arrives today. We leave at 6am Monday morning for Rio rancho, NM :)

The new employer flew us out last weekend to look at houses and we fell in love. It really felt like the place we needed to be. On the flight home we were sad because it felt like we were leaving our home. Im so excited to start this new adventure!

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