Monday, November 3, 2014


We took a 5-day trip to Disneyland in August just after Dade turned 7 (!!) and we had a great time!

The first ride was the Tower of Terror. We told Dade it was an elevator ride and he was stoked. Until we fell that first time. I tried to hold his hand and he just screamed at me to not touch him :) Emmett loved it and kept asking to go again. I rode it once in Florida and riding it this time means I never have to do it again, right? RIGHT??

Our favorite ride as a family was definitely the new Cars ride. The first time we rode, we waited in line about 2 hours. The second time we got a fast pass and waited about 10 minutes.

I am excited to take the kids again when we don't need a stroller or diapers! And we decided staying on property will be much easier than saving a few bucks by staying a few miles away.

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