Monday, July 27, 2015

So many changes

Funny how I used to post so regularly to this blog and now....well I forgot I even had it until the other day. Now that it's been almost a year since my last post I guess I'll update for all of you 4 readers.

We bought a house. Still in the same town, but on the outskirts where all the snakes and scorpions live (We didn't know this till we bought it)

We have gotten comfortable in our new ward and even have callings! Gus is in scouts and is also an Elders Quorum Teacher. I was called to Primary...which was actually surprising, seeing as how I keep getting called to nursery. In every ward I've been in. Since getting married.

My little sister had a baby and I got to go to Kentucky for a long weekend to spend time with my niece, my nephew (My other sisters son) and my sisters.

While in Kentucky, I got to go to the little town I lived in so many years ago. We drove past the old house. Where it all began. My future husband standing on the front porch while I stumbled to find words. I was smitten right away. Our entire future began on that step.

Justin is settled at work. His team is doing great and things are going smooth!

The hot tub works and is FABULOUS!

I've been painting the house...making it more my taste rather than the different shades of vomit that adorn EVERY SINGLE WALL in the house.

Probably the biggest piece of news is that my children aren't orphans. School has been out since before memorial day and I'm so over it.

Oh. We also found Walter White's house from Breaking Bad. That was fun.

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