Orson Reid

Orson came as quite a surprise just 5 short months after giving birth to big brother, Emmett.

Since our kids are difficult to get here, we weren't super...careful (TMI! Sorry!). During General Conference weekend (the first weekend in April) I told Justin I thought I might be pregnant. He laughed and said "you probably are!" and we let it go. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was someone else occupying my body and about a week later it was confirmed.

We were shocked and scared, but we knew this blessing wouldn't be given if we couldn't handle it.

At our 20 week ultrasound a cyst was present on Orson's brain. We were told it's almost always nothing and they usually go away in the third trimester. Luckily 8 weeks later the ultrasound showed NO CYSTS! Could it be? A healthy child??

Orson was delivered via C-Section at 9:02am on December 17th. He is healthy and an angel baby in all aspects! Our family is complete with this precious new addition.

I would like to add a note to each of these pages as I've had many people ask about the origins of my children's names. Orson was thought up one day as we were throwing out (and shooting down) various boy names. Justin suggested Orson and I loved it. Kind of old school, not super common but not weird. It fits our little guy perfect.

Superman (it's not easy to be me)
Five for Fighting
I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
I’m just out to find
The better part of me

I’m more than a bird...i’m more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It’s not easy to be me

Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I’ll never see

It may sound absurd...but don’t be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed...but won’t you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream
It’s not easy to be me

Up, up and away...away from me
It’s all right...you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy...or anything...

I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
Men weren’t meant to ride
With clouds between their knees

I’m only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me
Inside of me
Inside me
Yeah, inside me
Inside of me

I’m only a man
In a funny red sheet
I’m only a man
Looking for a dream

I’m only a man
In a funny red sheet
And it’s not easy, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

Its not easy to be me